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Are Gunnar Gaming Glasses worth it?

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Are Gunnar Gaming Glasses worth it?

Are Gunnar Gaming Glasses worth it?

GUNNAR lenses have enhanced focusing power and proprietary tints, providing you with sharper, clearer vision all while helping you focus more naturally and blocking blue light. It’s custom lens tints and filters block harsh blue light and glare so your eyes can finally relax. Focus longer. Work more efficiently. Be comfortable doing it.

We’ll talk about lenses they put it in their frames – What makes these glasses so good to look through. Its lenses make your eyes feel so good when we see through them and also at the end of the day

Why our eyes less tired, less fatigued and feel like more fresh?

Pupillary distance is the distance between the two eyes which is measured in millimeters and an average adult has a pupillary distance of about 60-62 mm. Why is pupillary distance significant. Whenever an optician makes a set of prescription lenses, a prescription lens has what’s called an optical center or inherently most accurate part of the lens because if you ever seen a set of prescription lenses depending on if that person is nearsighted or farsighted. They could either have the thickness in the center or the thickness is going to be out to the edge. And optician needs to put that part of the lens in the front of the patient’s pupil when they are wearing that frame. That is why pupillary distance is significant

Now, what it has to do with the gunner lenses?


Gunner lenses are marketed as non-prescription frames. But after tested on lens o meter, it is found that each lens has a plus 0.25 magnification(power). Don’t worry about the magnification as it will not bother you and not bad for you at all. And the pupillary distance of the glasses is 50mm which is quite narrow which is normal as our eyes converge when we read any book, cell phone or tablet. An average person has a pupillary distance of 60-62mm. So what will happen is your eyes will be drawn to it optical center. That is the reason you feel more relaxed because it keeps your eye focus. This actually benefits gamers when they use to stare at the screen for hours.

When you are gaming, it’s tint do most of the work. Anti-glare bounce out the blue light coming from the computer screen or your television. Either way, they are very comfortable.

We hope that you find this information valuable.

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