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Chinese Mom Blames ‘PUBG’ After her Son Jumps to His D‌e‌a‌th

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Chinese Mom Blames ‘PUBG’ After Teen Son Jumps to His D_e_a_th-min

Chinese Mom Blames ‘PUBG’ After her Son Jumps to His D‌e‌a‌th

A teenager Xu tianci from Haimen, China jumped from his uncle’s fourth-floor flat and Died. He was reportedly playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) on his iPad before his death. In PUBG, Player use to jump from buildings to save some time but they have to take the Health damage depending on Height structure of the Building. There are also some high areas in the game where you get knocked out after falling.

Gaming takes you to the whole new virtual world, It becomes your responsibility to perceive those situations hypothetically and to not bring it in Real Life. Xu tianci was 13-years old and apparently had an addiction to video games which it itself a very severe problem in China. In March, a boy in 6th grade tried to jump from his HIgh-rise flat in Huai’an City after his mother confiscated his mobile phone while he was playing PUBG. Around 18% of Chinese teenagers are at risk of developing video game obsession and they use to play between four to five hours every day, according to a survey conducted this year.

Chinese education ministry has also taken some serious steps to rectify this issue. They have announced plans to restrict the number of new video games and to limit playing times in order to address growing rates of near-sightedness.

Her devastated mother told reporters – On 30th August, Xu tianci jumped from the 4th-floor Apartment to see whether he could survive or not. Her mother believes so as there was no other reason which can justify her son’s death.

She noted – “My son is a Happy Person. He’s not stressed in life and has no reason to die” 

His uncle told reporters that his nephew seemed normal when he said goodnight to him and went to sleep. The lights in Xu’s room were switched off at 11 pm. He was probably still thinking about the game after the game was over.

She blamed his death on the online game ‘PUBG’ and intended to sue the gaming company whereas gaming company doesn’t support or promote to bring such actions to the real world.

The game is very popular amongst youngsters with over 400 million players and 50 million games sold on multiple platforms all over the world. Its inevitable graph of popularity is increasing day by day.

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