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Fortnite Android release date news

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Fortnite Android release date news

“We are continuing to work on the Android version of the game and will have an update soon,”

Fortnite fans should find out more about the Android version of the Battle Royale game soon. That’s according to Epic PR Nick Chester, who told one Twitter follower that the company is getting ready to make an announcement.

“We are continuing to work on the Android version of the game and will have an update soon,” Chester tweeted.

Fans will be hoping that Epic confirms the Fortnite Battle Royale release date on Android.

Chester previously warned fans about a phishing scam involving Fortnite Android invites.

Rumors of an imminent Android release emerged after a number of YouTube personalities claimed to have received invites to join the Fortnite Android beta.

The Android invites said that codes would be sent out within 72-hours, which would have meant a May 8 release date for the Fortnite mobile port.

Unfortunately, however, Chester would tell Twitter followers that the alleged emails were part of a phishing scam.

“The reason I’m coming down on this so hard is that people ARE falling for this scam and are getting their information compromised because of things like this,” he said.

“It’s important people have the correct information and are not misled.”

Fans should take care if they receive any Android Fortnite invites because it’s likely part of a scam.

Back in March, Epic said that Android support will be coming “in the next few months”.

Based on Epic’s comments and the speed at which the studio churns out updates, a May launch looks like a real possibility.

Other reports have suggested Fortnite Android would launch around the same time as Google’s next big mobile update.

Google showcased its Android 9.0 (Android P) operating system during its I/O conference but didn’t reveal a release date.

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