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PC Gaming or Console Gaming 2018

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PC Gaming or Console Gaming

PC Gaming or Console Gaming 2018

PC Gaming or Console Gaming 2018 –  Which one is better is the most common question regarding gaming somewhere on the internet. Both of them have their own merits and have their league of fans. But at the end of the day, it’s all about the individual preference and budget. We have compiled some of the essential facts for both which will help you find the best fit for your need.

1. Price : 

When it comes to price, Gaming consoles wins the race. PC gaming is considered costlier than the Console gaming. Gaming console ranges between $200 – $500. Whereas, it is quite challenging to build a Gaming PC which could run all the latest High-end games at such range. When it comes to gaming, Graphics Card plays a very prominent role in giving a high frame rate.

NVidia GTX 10 series has taken over the market of graphics card since it has come. It surprisingly gives the excellent performance and ranges from $199 – $699 which is worth a buy. But whenever you go to buy anything, you always consider the product’s cost efficiency. When you go for PC gaming, Graphics card doesn’t be up to date all the time. You’ll have to have a look to Game’s Recommended Specification to play it. Whereas, you will be able to play all the games available for that consoles without worrying about its compatibility or Hardware specifications.

2. Games:

What PC and consoles strive to achieve is Gaming. It’s easy to get a vast variety of titles on your PC because the library can go back almost 30 years. PS4 and Xbox One libraries don’t go back quite as far. Consoles have exclusive games whereas PC don’t. But in general, you’ll probably going find more games on PC each year than consoles.

3. Graphics:

The PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X can display 4K resolutions with HDR color technology. That’s impressive — but PC gamers have had similar options for years, with considerably more granular control over things like textures, ambient lighting and even how much a character’s hair waves in the breeze. You’ll going get the best graphics experience on PC than any gaming consoles. As you get to customized more advanced graphics settings ranging from Very low to Ultra.

4. Upgradation:

In technology, nothing is obsolete. Therefore, as the latest games come into the market, it’s specifications or hardware requirements may vary. Considering that Gaming PC’s components can be easily replaceable with the required one. Whereas, in gaming consoles, you’ll have to buy the one which you think is suitable to play your desired game.

5. Tech Literacy:

The Biggest factor in deciding which one you should go for: either PC Gaming or Console Gaming 2018 is Tech Literacy which defines your knowledge about technical aspects of the computer. Gaming consoles are easy to operate. You’ll have to just slide in the gaming disc and install it as per instructions. That’s all about it. You can also download some entertaining apps and browse the internet. If you have been stuck in between any technical glitch, It all very easy to fix on gaming consoles by clearing the cache or reinstalling the software.

On a Gaming PC, there are a lot of drives and software work together to function everything properly. It can create a mess for you sometimes if you don’t have experience dealing with computer glitches. But it all can also be done by reinstalling the game or OS. The problem complexity can be a lot more than consoles. But there’s no such problem which doesn’t have a solution in this world. If you do a little research over the internet regarding your issue, you’ll probably find the fix to it. You can follow the instructions on your own, or you’ll have to take your PC to some expert.


When it comes to a comparison between PC Gaming or Console Gaming in 2018. We have sorted out some key point which will help you summarize the overall result of the observation between the two.





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