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PUBG Mobile hacks to help you last longer

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PUBG Mobile hacks to help you last longer

PUBG Mobile hacks to help you last longer

PUBG Mobile is now being a favorite game at the Battle Royale genre and has gained inevitable popularity. Player’s Unknown Battle Grounds (PUBG) has recently hit the 100 million download mark on Android along with iOS. PUBG is available on PC (Paid) and Mobile (both ios and android) and Xbox One . PC is version is predominantly for hardcore gamers as it requires a High-End Computer/Laptop which can give you Lag free experience. PUBG Mobile, however, run smoothly on most of the budget smartphone which is quite handy as you don’t have to stick on a chair to play. Although Graphics quality of PC version is far better than Mobile version. We have Decided to compile some PUBG Mobile Hacks to help you last longer in this game and will polish your skills as well.

1. Keep the graphics settings as low as possible 

PUBG Mobile hacks to help you last longer

Players usually use to crawl on an open ground or conceal themselves behind bushes. When you set your graphics settings low, Grass patches that are further away are not enough visible. The opponent might believe that they are concealing themselves but you will have the ability to spot them as you would not see the grass which is helping them hide. But when you in the final round, it safer to crawl and hide in the grass as you are not far from the opponent so, you will not be as visible when hiding in the grass.

2. Use a good headset

PUBG Mobile hacks to help you last longer

Tracing your opponent largely depends on paying attention to the audio. Using a good headset will help you listen to the footsteps of your opponent so that you’ll be prepared before the orange indicator appears on the map.

3. Keep your Energy Bar and Health full

pubg keep your health full

When you are in the top 10, always keep your health and energy bar (It is at the top of the health bar) full. What happens is, when you get hit by someone, your health decreases, and energy bar can increase your health bar up to 80% of the total capacity if full.  So, keep your Bar full to heal yourself continuously.

4. Don’t shoot at the enemy unless you are not sure you can get the kill

PlayerUnknowns-Battlegrounds aim

When you’re in a final zone, there can be 5-8 Players. If you miss a shot while shooting your opponent. That could reveal your position to other opponents which in turn could get you killed by the third player whom you had not spotted. So, be sure about your aim.

5. Lie down flat on the ground or jump to avoid being hit by a vehicle


It’s funny how most of the players get stunned when they see some vehicle coming towards them. They keep on trying to shoot at the driver sitting in that vehicle and end up killing themselves. There are actually better ways to run over. You can lie down flat right in front of the vehicle, which will make the vehicle pass over you without hitting. Another thing you can try is, you can jump over the vehicle when it’s about to hit you.

6. Lean and shoot when you shoot from a cover

pubg lean

Most of the Players tend to expose themselves while shooting opponents. That, in fact, gives your opponent more area to target. You should rather take a cover and use a lean option to lean from the corner and shoot at the opponent to have an upper hand.

7. Use Ammo wisely

There are the sheer variety of gun choices available in PUBG. With that in mind, we recommend only shooting when it matters. If you’re equipped with an assault rifle or SMG, take advantage of their select-fire capability, and switch to semi-auto when the target is farther out, then to full-auto or burst when your enemy is closer in proximity. Even on full-auto, it’s very important to fire in short bursts, as it can run out of ammo.

We hope these PUBG Mobile hacks will help you last longer in the game.

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